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Herati Candleholder l Kabul, Afghanistan

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Each glass is handcrafted in the city of Herat in Afghanistan and painted by women in the Herat Province of Afghanistan. The glasses are recycled from scrap glass and then melted down and handblown into something new. 


  • Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water and let it dry. Do not put the object in the microwave, oven or dishwasher. If you use harsh scrubbing, it might damage the surface. 
  • Variations in shape, size and color are to be embraced
  • Size: 7x10 cm 
  • Made by women in Afghanistan 

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We offer full return (excluding shipping) within 14 days of delivery. The returned jewellery must not have been used. Please email us at to organise the return.

Herati Candleholder l Kabul, Afghanistan
Herati Candleholder l Kabul, Afghanistan
Herati Candleholder l Kabul, Afghanistan
Herati Candleholder l Kabul, Afghanistan
Herati Candleholder l Kabul, Afghanistan


  • Support refugee and local artisans

  • Protect cultural heritage in Afghanistan and in the Middle East

  • Support women in Afghanistan

  • Ethical and responsible production

Meet the Artisans of Østerland 

Østerland collaborates with over 30 artisans in two countries, primarily from Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan. All of our artisans receive a piece-rate that is over the market average in their countries as well as a living wage. Most of our products are designed in collaboration with our artisans, offering you unique items found nowhere else in the world. Our relationship with our artisans are close and informal and built over the years with mutual respect and care between Oesterland team and our artisans. Meet a selection of our artisans here.

Meet the Artisans

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A little bit of my birthcountry

Beautiful glassware and quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we buy your products? 

You can buy our products on our website with local (Denmark) and worldwide shipping. Our products can also be found at a number of museum shops as well as boutiques in Denmark and around the world. Please see the full list here.

Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes. We ship worldwide. We ship with GLS in the EU and for the rest of the world we use DHL.

Who designs your products? 

Most of our products are designs that have already been developed in Afghanistan and the Middle East and belong to our partners and artisans. Many of these products and their designs have been passed from one generation to another, have evolved in response to their environments and contribute to giving the region a distinct identity. Sometimes Østerland will make adjustments to these products, so they fit into a global market. These adjustments can be color, size, shape and patterns. We also collaborate with external designers from Denmark which have focused on storytelling and showing the best the Middle East and Afghanistan has to offer. Our products will always have patterns, motives and techniques relevant to the local and refugee artisans’ culture. The Østerland team is always inspired by islamic, anatolian and central asian art.

Where do you operate? 

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our artisans are based in Herat and Kabul in Afghanistan. Our artisans in Turkey are based in Istanbul, Ankara and Hatay.

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