• DRC began operations in Turkey in 2013 in response to the Syrian refugee crisis with the aim to enhance the capacities and self-reliance of refugees and the affected Turkish host communities. As the conflict stretches on in Syria, DRC remains committed to developing durable solutions that serve the needs of more than 3.6 million displaced Syrians and other refugees and migrants currently living in Turkey. DRC works in the south-eastern provinces of Turkey (Hatay, Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Kahramanmaraş), which host some of the highest numbers of Syrian refugees in Turkey.  Østerland is partnering with DRC on livelihood initiatives by employing Syrian tailors, who have received material and technical assistance from the Danish Refugee Council in Turkey

  • TURQUOISE MOUNTAIN a british NGO based in Kabul, Afghanistan which was founded in 2006 by HRH Prince of Wales. Its mission is to create jobs and skills in Afghanistan. The NGO is supporting over 50 artisan businesses with workshop space, tools, materials, and business, marketing and sales support. Turquoise Mountain Institute for Afghan Arts and Architecture in the heart of the Old City of Kabul is training the next generation of artisans through an intensive three-year course. There, young Afghans hone their skills and graduate with an internationally accredited qualification, the knowledge they need to set up their own business, and the skills to earn a sustainable income. Turquoise Mountain is now supporting over 50 independent businesses in Afghanistan, providing training, tools, equipment, product development support, workshop space, business mentoring, and routes to market. Østerland has partnered with Turquouise Mountain to support afghan artisans working in the crafts sector. Turquoise Mountain help us with quality control and help us with money transfers to the artisans we are buying from.

  • "Made in Afghanistan" is a project that started in June 2019 under the NGO WADAN, in the Herat Province of Afghanistan. The project engages 50 skilled artisans from refugee returnees and internally displaced people under WADAN's established Artisanal Business Center for design, production, domestic and international market linkages to improve the livelihood of persons of concern. The project aims to improve the capacity of artisans by ensuring they become self-reliant and self-sufficient. Østerland is partnering with Wadan on livelihood initiatives by buying crafts such as miniature painted on glassware and embroidered pillowcase made by the artisans of WADAN. 

  • Østerland is the only guaranteed member of Made51-UNHCR in Denmark. MADE51 is an innovative, market-based model that promotes economic inclusion of refugees in global value chains through their local social enterprises around the world.