Manila Ghafuri 

Manilla Ghafuri is a storyteller, a vessel for society's overlooked voices, and a strong character in the public discussion on equality and representation. Manilla graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2020 with a degree in Danish and has later become the chairperson of Rapolitics

With her roots from Afghanistan, she particularly loves our cotton and wool waistcoats, and our intricate jewelry, both handmade in Kabul, Afghanistan. She tells us that “Østerland contributes to presenting a more nuanced picture of what Afghanistan is. With the combination of our [Afghanistan's] beautiful stones and the Nordic, clean design, they help reconcile to worlds that both have an eye for jewelry and history”.

Østerland is proud to have Manilla as our first brand ambassador, as she shares our mission of supporting the creative manufacturing and handmade (CHM) sector, making a significant difference for Afghan artisans, their livelihoods, and their craft’s  rich tradition in Afghanistan.