Østerland has developed relationships with artisans, businesses and NGOs across the whole Middle East and Afghanistan. We are a proud member of UNHCR's global brand Made51, which works with global social enterprises that promote artisan products made by refugees.

By partnering with Østerland, you will gain access to an exclusive world of artisans, small local businesses as well as NGO's all working with craft and cultural heritage in the Middle East and Afghanistan. You can be part of the solution to the refugee crisis and the extinguishing of craft and cultural heritage by including local and refugee artisans in your business. This will also increase your company's ESG commitment.

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Østerland visions to be a rich resource for interior designers and retailers that are selling special objects and products. We have B2B pricing available for all our products available on our website.

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Bespoke Design

No matter where you work in the world, please get in touch. Are you looking for a particular product from the region, or something custom made such as a rug, peshtemal or towel, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us. We also have production capabilities for handmade rugs, silk and cotton textile, peshtemals, towels, bedspreads, tablecloths and other funky objects with the ateliers we have partnered with in Turkey and Afghanistan. We already work with several businesses with whom we produce bespoke design for.

Corporate gifting

Corporate gifting that aligns with your company's ESG values. At Østerland, we believe that corporate gifting is an opportunity to celebrate the art of craftsmanship, cultural heritage and meaningful connections. Our business model ensures that each item is thoughtfully curated and handcrafted with care and you'll be reminding your employers about your sustainable and social values.

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