From Hatay with Love: A Story of Handicrafts with Three Artisans

This is a short story about crafts, history, and the aesthetics of Hatay from three artisans. Yılmaz, Şadi, and Nehla joined the Oesterland family in 2020. Oesterland was founded to pay homage to aesthetic, passion, and heritage. We set out to document and share with you the crafts of a border town in the south-east of Turkey. We believe storytelling is a form of resistance to erasure. Stories keep us alive in the face of loss and destruction.

This documentary is filmed following the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023. The Artisans featured in this video lost their homes or their ateliers, or both. This documentary was taken in the temporary spaces. This is not a story about loss but rather of resilience and an undying passion for crafts. 

Thanks to the danish house in Damascus for making this short documentary about craft and heritage happen.