Today we celebrate International Women’s Day, in the name of equality, equity and empowerment. Østerland would like to use this occasion to highlight Ramya, a talented artisan and a strong woman. Ramya is from Syria, but she had to flee her home when war broke out. She left her job, her law studies, and settled in Kilis in Turkey, close to the Syrian border, with her family. In Kilis she started crocheting, which she today has turned into an independent business. 

In an interview with Ramya, we asked her;

Q: What is the biggest obstacle that you have had to overcome as a woman?

A: The biggest obstacle I have had to overcome as a woman, is to try and navigate in a new country. I am an asylum seeker and a refugee, and that is a condition that is extremely difficult to overcome.

Q: Do you experience that it is more difficult to find work as a woman in your field of work?

A: There is a lot of crocheting work to be found, but the biggest challenge is the marketing. It is extremely difficult to market my products, so I do not earn a lot. 

Q. What is you hope for future generations of girls and women?

A:  My biggest wish is that all women’s rights are respected and that women are free to reach their potential as individuals. I wish that no girl or woman ever gets treated unfairly and that women can be the masters of their own futures.  

We are so excited to be working with Ramya to bring you beautiful and high-quality crochet products! Happy International Women’s Day to our Østerland family and let us work towards a future where equality is not a struggle, but a given.